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animi causa


tamara's girl
26 November
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40's hair dos, abortion rights, activism, agnosticism, ani difranco, art, art museums, audrey hepburn, b&w photography, backrubs, bamboo needles, bare feet, bicycle commuting, biking, black boots, blogging, butch girls, camping, chicago, choir, circular needles, civic life, civil marriage, civil rights, clogs, cooking, crafty projects, curves, dancing, danskos, des moines, diy, domestic violence, drake university, e.e. cummings, eating, family, family guy, fancy root beer, fat actress, feminism, foreign movies, gaudi, gay marriage, get your war on, global feminism, handspinning, handspun yarn, hot cocoa, hrc, hugs, human rights, independence, independent, indie movies, international relations, into the woods, kittens, kitties, knerds, knit, knitting, knitting blogs, knitting needles, learning, lesbian kittens, lesbian knitters, lesbians, london, loud, martinis, minneapolis, mountains, music, musical theater, natural light, non-profit, non-profits, northampton, open minds, organic, organic foods, organic living, peace, peacebuilding, piercings, poetry, politics, post-conflict justice, pro-choice, public administration, purl, purple, purple tinsel christmas trees, reading, red, restorative justice, riesling, rubber duckies, same love same rights, sewing, sexual assault, shells and cheese, simpsons, singing, six feet under, sleeping, snuggling, social justice, sondheim, soy chicken, spanish, spinning wheels, spinning yarn, stitch n bitch, stuart davis, tattoos, the advocate, the hours, the onion, the vagina monologues, thinking, toothpaste for dinner, traveling, uniqueness, v-day, vaginas, van gogh, vintage photos, voting, wine, women, women's studies, world peace, writing, yarn porn